ArtistShare® Studio Participant


ArtistShare® Studio Participant


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What you get

  • Prominent ArtistShare® Studio credit listing on the new recording
  • A Limited Edition project recording, autographed and personalized (est. delivery date Jun 28 2024) 
  • A private "virtual concert" for you and your friends live-streamed from the Frost School of Music
  • Shelly-gram: Special recording of a solo piano selection recorded by Shelly Berg and dedicated to you, and posted on YouTube.
  • Invitation to a mixing session for the record (date/location TBA)
  • Includes all content, services and privileges of the ArtistShare® Bronze Participant Offer

About This Offer

Welcome to the ArtistShare® Studio Participant Offer. By participating at this level you will truly be playing an integral part in the creation of this new work. Along with receiving prominent credit listing on the artwork of the final recording, you will also receive exclusive access to every aspect of this project.

As a participant at this level, we cordially invite you to attend one of the mixing sessions. In addition, it will be my pleasure to perform a virtual live-streamed, private concert for you and your friends to enjoy. 

As we take this artistic journey together, I will be sharing the process with you through exclusive videos, audio shows, downloads, photos and news keeping you update to date on the status and progress of this work.

I look forward to your joining me.