ArtistShare® Project download (320 kbps Mp3)

New Year, New Music

ArtistShare® Project download (320 kbps Mp3)


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What you get

  • The ArtistShare® Project recording via 320 kbps Mp3 download (Delivery Date Jul 15 2009)  
  • Downloadable cover art
  • The ArtistShare Project Experience

About This Offer

Get right in the middle of our huge, 45-piece sound!

Feel like a member of the band as we produce, rehearse, perform and record some ground-breaking new music!

In this download offer you will receive a copy of our newest CD via download (Delivery Date ##productdeliverydate##) containing the latest pieces composed by: Bob Brookmeyer; John Hollenbeck; Mike Holober and James Chirillo. With composers of this caliber, the music should be: moving; profound; hip-shaking; disturbing or even scary! Our content: audio interviews; music downloads; video clips and photo galleries will let you in on “note one” so you’ll be able to come up with your own adjectives!

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