ArtistShare® Silver Participant

Requinte Trio - Honey and Air

ArtistShare® Silver Participant


What you get

  • Prominent ArtistShare® Silver Participant credit listing
  • Limited Edition CD- #4-14/##productltdedition##, autographed, personalized and Artist-Tracked (Ship Date Nov 26 2015) 
  • VIP access to performances with backstage access (where possible)
  • A LTD Edition Requinte Trio iPod pre-loaded with our favorite music
  • A video call with the trio
  • Includes all content, services and privileges of the ArtistShare® Bronze Participant

About This Offer Welcome to the ArtistShare® Silver Participant Offer. By participating at this level you will truly be playing an integral part in the creation of this new work. Along with being credited on the artwork of the final CD, you will have a unique look into our diverse musical backgrounds joining together while playing a part in bringing this project to life.

You will receive video updates throughout the course of this ArtistShare® Project as well as a personal conference call as the project nears completion. You will also receive a narrated listening guide to accompany some of the recordings that have inspired us the most, and a LTD Edition Requinte Trio iPod pre-loaded with some of our favorite music. Additionally, you are invited as our guest to attend a performance of ours as a VIP. At the end of the project, it will be our pleasure to deliver a personal letter thanking you for your valuable participation in this project as well as a signed and numbered CD.

We look forward to your joining us as an ArtistShare® Silver Participant in our very first ArtistShare® Project.