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la nevada blues (kendor music version) - study score

La Nevada Blues (Kendor Music Version) - Study Score

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what you get

  • Study Score for “La Nevada Blues” in PDF format via immediate download
  • A video in which Ryan Truesdell discusses the history of the chart and the story behind its rediscovery
  • A streaming audio analysis of the chart
  • TWO bonus, streaming audio lessons where Ryan discusses the early developments in Gil's writing from the beginning through the albums with Miles Davis (including a downloadable PDF with score examples)
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TAKE NOTE: This is NOT the version Gil did on Out of the Cool!

In 1959, Gil released the Great Jazz Standards album on World Pacific Records, which included an original tune called “La Nevada (Theme).” Around the same time, he was asked to write two charts for Kendor Music to be published and sold through their publish company. The charts were supposed to be for a more traditional big band instrumentation and playable by younger bands. One of the charts he did was this one, which he titled “La Nevada Blues.” I had always thought these were someone else’s transcriptions/orchestrations, but they are definitely Gil’s. This chart has been out of print for a long time, and we are happy to publish it here again through ArtistShare®.

In addition to the study score, you will also receive a PDF download of a scanned page from Gil's original manuscript. You will also have access to a supplemental video in which I explain the unique history behind my discovery of this "lost" work and a streaming audio show in which I analyze the chart, discussing Gil's use of harmony, orchestration, and more.

I've worked on bringing this music back to life for a very long time, and it I am confident I can provide you with new insights into these previously forgotten masterpieces. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity get your hands on this priceless study score from one of the greatest, most dynamic composer/arrangers in jazz history.