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greensleeves - score and parts

Greensleeves - Score and Parts

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what you get

  • Score and Parts for Gil's arrangement of "Greensleeves" in PDF format via instant download
  • A video explaining the story/history behind this newly rediscovered work
  • A video with tips on rehearsal and performance techniques
  • A scan of a page from the original manuscript in Gil's own hand (downloadable PDF format)
  • A streaming audio example of the arrangement
   This project was completed on 9/6/2013    read more

I’m really excited to have Gil’s arrangement of “Greensleeves” available first time through ArtistShare® for people to study and perform. This is great example of how Gil could frame an arrangement perfectly around a soloist. This chart was written for the great guitarist Kenny Burrell and recorded on his album, Guitar Forms (Verve). Like all the music available in the Gil Evans Scores Project, this chart was taken from Gil’s original manuscript, and includes a monster “shout chorus” the really takes this chart to another level.

As with all of Gil’s music, close attention needs to be paid to the instrumentation, as it rarely resembles a standard big band. The instrumentation for “Greensleeves” is as follows:

5 Reeds:
        Reed 1:  Soprano Saxophone
        Reed 2:  Alto Saxophone
        Reed 3:  Tenor Saxophone, English Horn
        Reed 4:  Tenor Saxophone, Bassoon
        Reed 5:  Oboe, English Horn
1 French Horn
2 Trumpets
2 Trombones
1 Tuba
3 Rhythm (Gtr./Bass/Dms.)

Featured soloist: Guitar

In addition to the score and parts, you will also receive supplemental videos in which I explain the unique history behind my discovery of this "lost" work as well as how I rehearse each of these pieces. I will let you know the potential tripping spots and the way to make each piece come alive. I've worked on bringing this music back to life for a very long time, and it is very easy for me to now predict the areas that need addressing. I am confident that I can help you bring this music to the highest level with your own group.