Gil Evans Composer Participant

The Gil Evans Centennial Project: Newly-discovered works of Gil Evans

Gil Evans Composer Participant


What you get

  • 6 audio lessons, each focusing on one of the newly-discovered works of Gil’s to be recorded.  Each lesson will use score excerpts of Gil’s music to analyze specific aspects of each piece, including the beautiful linear approach to his music, his highly individual use of orchestration, and other aspects of his writing that are uniquely Gil. These lessons will also look at how these pieces relate to other works in the overall span of Gil’s career.
  • An in-depth analysis as to why each piece was selected for recording.
  • The Gil Evans Centennial CD Download
  • An exclusive Q&A session, where producer, Ryan Truesdell, answers your questions pertaining to Gil’s music
  • The ArtistShare Project Experience

About This Offer

As a Gil Evans Composer Participant, you will receive six exclusive online lessons with producer Ryan Truesdell covering an in-depth analysis of Gil Evans’ music.  These lessons will focus on the newly-discovered works that will be recorded on the Gil Evans Centennial CD, and relate these to other works throughout Gil’s career.  We will use score excepts (some from Gil’s own manuscript) to analyze specific aspects of each piece, addressing his individual approach to orchestration, harmony, voice leading and other characteristics that are uniquely Gil’s.

This offer includes a download of the final Gil Evans Centennial CD, as well as access to a exclusive Composer Q&A, where you can have your questions pertaining to Gil’s music answered by Ryan in an online audio show, available exclusively to this participants of this offer.