Gil Evans Centennial CD

The Gil Evans Centennial Project: Newly-discovered works of Gil Evans

Gil Evans Centennial CD


What you get

  • The Gil Evans Centennial CD via mail
  • Immediate high quality download
  • The complete ArtistShare┬« Project Experience

About This Offer Welcome to the Gil Evans Centennial CD Participant offer, where it is our pleasure to share the unfolding of this historical event through ArtistShare. During the course of this project, you will have a unique look into the entire creative process including the discovery of the Gil Evans scores, rehearsals and interviews with the artists, and footage from the actual recording sessions as it happens.

Along the way, we will be sharing video, audio shows, downloads, photos, and news keeping you updated on the status and progress of this once in a lifetime event, made possible by you. By participating in this project you are playing an integral role in the creation and birth of a historical new recording of previously un-recorded Gil Evans music!

Participate today and join us on this exciting journey!