spirit music

bronze participant

Bronze Participant


$500 Limited (0 left of 1 )

Ships to: Anywhere In the world

what you get

  • Signed 'Spirit Music' Score (Delivery Date 4/20/06)
  • Limited Edition Signed 'Spirit Music' CD (Artist –Track # 4-8 of 10,000 - Delivery Date 4/20/06)
  • Access to all of the content included in each participant offer in this project
  • Video Welcome Message
   This project was completed on 2/15/2006    read more

As a Bronze Participant you will immediately receive, access to all of the content included in the Composer and Music Lover participant offers.

Throughout the project, you will observe the development of the 'Spirit Music' composition through journal entries, audio demonstrations, interviews, photo galleries, video clips, and samples of the written music in progress which can only be found on the official Bob Brookmeyer website. In addition, the Bronze participants will also receive 2 VIP tickets for any Bob Brookmeyer performance in 2005.

Once the 'Spirit Music' composition is recorded you will receive a limited edition signed CD of the composition. (Artist-Track #4-8 of 10,000) The 'Spirit Music' recording should be available by April 20, 2006.

The Bronze participant offer allows you to support my project at the third highest level.