brian lynch/eddie palmieri project

music lover participant - "fuschia/red"

Music Lover Participant - "Fuschia/Red"



Ships to: Anywhere In the world

what you get

  • Receive the "Fuschia/Red" CD (Via Mail)
  • Downloadable lead sheets from the record date
  • Exclusive Interview on the "Fuschia/Red" recording
  • Access to the "Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project" experience
  • Downloadable “Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project” recording
   This project was completed on 1/15/2008    read more

As a "Fuschia/Red" Participant you will immediately receive a "Fuschia/Red” CD (Via Mail), downloadable lead sheets of my original compositions from the "Fuschia/Red" recording, and an exclusive audio Interview on the making of the “Fuschia/Red” recording.

This offer is perfect for anyone interested in an in-depth look into both my previous work and my current project.

When the project is finished you will receive a downloadable “Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project” recording. The recording will be available in early Spring 2006.

Throughout the project you will have access to on-line content that will be used to document the “Brian Lynch/ Eddie Palmieri” project including audio interviews, photo galleries, audio lectures on various topics, journal entries, exclusive news, exclusive live recordings, essays, video clips and sheet music.