brian lynch/eddie palmieri project

lecture participant - "clave fundamentals for jazz"

Lecture Participant - "Clave Fundamentals for Jazz"



what you get

  • Receive a Downloadable recording of my lecture on "Clave Fundamentals For Jazz"
  • Before and after thoughts on the lecture topic
  • Access to supporting documents for the lecture
  • Access to the "Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project" experience
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As a Lecture Participant, you will immediately receive a downloadable audio recording of my lecture on "Clave Fundamentals For Jazz", downloadable supporting documents for the lecture, and an exclusive journal entry on my thoughts and views on the lecture topic before the lecture occurred. In addition, you will also immediately receieve a downloadable Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project - "Simpático" recording.

The lecture covers the basics of Afro-Caribbean rhythms for the jazz player as well as the ins and outs of my own relationship to these rhythmic concepts and musical styles. The lecture was recorded on February 28, 2005 at the North Netherlands Conservatory in Groningen, The Netherlands.

During the life of the "Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project", you will receive additional downloadable supporting documents as well as an essay on my thoughts and views on the lecture topic in hindsight.

This offer is geared toward educators, students, professional and amateur musicians alike, or anyone interested in Latin Jazz and other contemporary jazz styles.

Through this offer you will have an in-depth look at my personal thoughts on the lecture topic both before and after the event. The downloadable supporting documents and additional commentary make this a truly unique experience.

You will also have access to on-line content used to document the “Brian Lynch/ Eddie Palmieri” project including audio interviews, photo galleries, audio lectures on various topics, journal entries, exclusive news, exclusive live recordings, essays, video clips and sheet music.