brian lynch/eddie palmieri project

trumpet player participant

Trumpet Player Participant



what you get

  • 3 On line trumpet lessons with Brian
  • Participate in the Project as a fellow trumpet player
  • Q& A email sessions with Brian
   This project was completed on 1/15/2008    read more

As a Trumpet Player Participant you will immediately receive the first installment of the online trumpet lesson. In addition, you will also immediately receieve a downloadable Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project - "Simpático" recording.

Three online trumpet lesson installments will be posted throughout the project. Each lesson installment will include an audio lecture, written exercises, lead sheets, and streaming audio demonstrations.

My online lesson topics will include trumpet technique, developing improvisational vocabluary, practice skills, understanding Afro-Caribbean rhythms, improvising in clave, and blending Afro-Cuban and modern jazz solo styles.

Over the course of this project I will be answering many vital questions from Trumpet Player Participants (Via Email) as we delve deeper into the topics presented in this lesson. I will be posting answers to these questions periodically throughout the project. Due to the popularity of this offer each participant is limited to two questions.

This offer creates an interactive environment that connects the artist directly to the student, and allows greater insight into the creative process from many angles.

The Trumpet Player Participant Offer is geared towards trumpet players of every level, but I am sure the information will be interesting and informative for any musician.

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