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music from traveling mercies participant

Music from <i>Traveling Mercies</i> Participant

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what you get

  • Chris Potter's own audio tips for learning, playing and improvising for selected compositions from Traveling Mercies
  • PDF downloads of
    • Azales
    • Highway One
    • Any Moment Now
    • Invisible Man
    • Migrations
    • Megalopolis
    • Snake Oil
    • and Washed Ashore
  • Exclusive analysis of music from Traveling Mercies
  • Chris in conversation with ArtistShare CEO Brian Camelio about his Traveling Mercies
  • Audio stories of the inspirations behind the titles of each composition on Traveling Mercies
   This project was completed on 4/28/2008    read more

As a Music from Traveling Mercies Participant, you will get direct access to the music of Traveling Mercies through downloadable PDFs and exclusive audio analysis. You will also receive exclusive commentary from Chris on his compositional process, tips on playing and an insight to his process composing for Traveling Mercies.

Throughout this project, you will also receive the chance to ask Chris your own questions in which he will respond via a monthly streaming audio commentary.