<i>Giant Steps</i> Player Participant (audio)

The Chris Potter Online Lessons Project

Giant Steps Player Participant (audio)


What you get

  • Chris Potter’s unique approach to performing Giant Steps
  • An exclusive audio lesson looking at the before, during and after of performing Giant Steps.
  • Downloadable Exercises written by Chris Potter on Giant Steps specifically for this lesson. (all keys)
  • Access to all of the Lesson Project on-going experience
  • Monthly audio show of answers to your questions

About This Offer As a Giant Steps Player Participant, you will receive an exclusive on-line audio lesson from Chris on his approach to Giant Steps. Chris will address his personal history with the song, favorite and "tricky" sections, how to keep the song "fresh" each time you play it and a variety of other topics relating to the song.

Each lesson participant will be given access to an email address where they can send comments and questions to Chris Potter, which he will address in monthly audio shows.

This lesson also includes 4 written exercises written by Chris Potter specifically on Giant Steps for this lesson.

Throughout this project, you will also receive audio discussions with Chris on a variety of topics.