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the world of your dreams songbook participant

The World Of Your Dreams Songbook Participant

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what you get

  • The full World of Your Dreams songbook in PDF format via instant download
  • A personal story behind a song chosen and narrated by Debbie
  • Invitation to submit questions that will be answered by Debbie in a monthly Q&A audio segment
   This project was completed on 10/16/2010    read more

Welcome to The World Of Your Dreams Songbook Participant.

 I am very happy to be sharing my music with you.

Along with the download version of this book, I will be sharing with you a story or anecdote about one of my favorite songs in The World Of Your Dreams.

I love hearing from you and sharing my stories so as a participant, you will be able to send me your questions.

I will make a selections of questions to answer each month in an audio show exclusively available to Songbook Participants.

I am looking forward to you sharing my music with you!

The World Of Your Dreams Songbook contents:

Ma Tova
The Hail Blessing
Shelter Of Peace
The Promise
Birchot Havdalah
The World Of Your Dreams
Sh'ma Loeinu
Set Me For A Seal
The Angel's Blessing