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autographed sounding point cd

Autographed Sounding Point CD


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what you get

  •   The complete ArtistShare Project Experience
    • Get complete access to Julian's creative process and get in inside view into his musical world
    • Download tracks from live gigs
    • Get detailed info on Julian's inspirations
    • Get access to exclusive downloads of his musical sketches
    • Order Julian Lage's newest CD
  • The autographed Sounding Point CD via mail
   This project was completed on 2/20/2010    read more

As part of the Sounding Point project, fans of Julian Lage will be able to order an autographed copy of his latest cd. But the experience only begins there. In this project you will be able to get inside and see Julian's creative process through exclusive audio shows, photo galleries, videos and more. Follow Julian as he travels the world and performs and find out what inspires him and drives him to create.

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Listen to a track from the CD! - Motor Minder