Soul Brothers Partner Participant

Soul Brothers

Soul Brothers Partner Participant


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What you get

  • 2 Limited Edition project CDs - Autographed and Personalized (Ship Date Jan 15 2016)
  • Credit Listing on the project page
  • Exclusive video demonstrations of music by the Clayton Brothers
  • Autographed Sheet Music
  • Access to the complete ArtistShare┬« project experience as it unfolds

About This Offer Welcome to the Soul Brothers Partner Participant Offer. We are so excited to be sharing the journey of creating a new ArtistShare project with you! As a Partner Participant, we are happy to send you two signed CDs and you will receive credit listing on the project page. During the course of this project you will have a unique look into the entire creative process from start to finish; including how the band interacts with each other as musicians and family. You will receive exclusive video demonstrations of music as well as an autographed copy of sheet music from the recording session.

I look forward to your joining our Soul Brothers for this very special journey.