Parlor Series Vol. 2 - Hank Jones Download

The John Clayton Parlor Series

Parlor Series Vol. 2 - Hank Jones Download


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What you get

  • The John Clayton Parlor Series: Vol. 2 featuring Hank Jones ArtistShare® Project recording via 320 kbps MP3 download   
  • Downloadable cover art
  • The complete ArtistShare® Project Experience including access to the creative process behind the making of the recording

About This Offer

Welcome to The Parlor Series Vol.2 -  The Negro Spirituals Dialogue with Hank Jones project. As a participant in my Parlor Series ArtistShare® Project, you will receive notes and anecdotes from me about the recording sessions, the songs, the artistic experiences, my thoughts on the project, and anything else I find to share with you along the way. I will invite you to experience the creative process behind The John Clayton Parlor Series recordings through photo galleries from the studio, sketches of music, and stories on my relationship with one of my musical mentors, Hank Jones.

Join us on this creative adventure, as we share the second installment of the Parlor Series.
Just like the first, come along with us as we create these intimate duet recordings in a spontaneous environment.

Feel free to become a part of this project and join me for The John Clayton Parlor Series today!