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lesson participant - "hear it and sing it! exploring modal jazz" - major scale/ionian

Lesson Participant - "Hear It and Sing It! Exploring Modal Jazz" - Major Scale/Ionian

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what you get

  • A lesson from Judy Niemack relating to her book & CD, "Hear It and Sing It! Exploring Modal Jazz", providing an overview of the book and method, and specific techniques for vocal improvisation using the Ionian Mode (or Major scale).
  • An online lesson revealing Judy's explanation of the lesson topic, with techniques for practice and improvisation.
  • An exclusive performance of the lesson topic by Judy Niemack.
  • Access to submit your questions to the Judy. She will personally address them in her streaming audio shows.
  • The on-going project experience.

As a Lesson Participant, you will receive an exclusive on-line lesson from Judy Niemack on her insight and approach to vocal improvisation, using the major scale, or Ionian mode. She will discuss her experiences, and share techniques for practice. She will also include an exclusive performance demonstrating the approach and techniques discussed.

Each lesson participant will be given access to send comments and questions to Judy, which she will personally address in her audio shows.

  • This is a perfect way to begin your studies with Judy and gain valuable knowledge and insight on vocal improvisation.
  • Do you suffer from "fear of scales"? Do ear-training tests make you break out in a cold sweat? Are you entranced by Ella's scat singing, but afraid to try it yourself? Do you want to understand music and still enjoy creating it? Learn scales and how to improvise with them effortlessly with Judy Niemack's "Hear it and Sing It! Exploring Modal Jazz" lessons.
  • Learning by ear is an essential part of becoming an accomplished improviser. To improvise instantaneously over chord changes, you need to be able to instantly hear the sounds of the scales that each chord calls for, allowing you to create improvised melodies. With "Hear It and Sing It!" you'll become familiar with the "color" of each chord and the mode it implies, allowing you to improvise over modal jazz tunes and preparing you to move on to chord progressions.
  • The ArtistShare educational project is a great way for students to get hands-on online lessons on a variety of subjects. This is done through single-topic lessons released monthly or bi-monthly over the course of the year. Participation grants access to performances, Q&A sessions, and valuable techniques and approaches.