ArtistShare® Executive Producer Participant Auction


ArtistShare® Executive Producer Participant Auction


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What you get

  • Prominent ArtistShare® Executive Producer credit listing on the Decades 3-LP vinyl box set
  • LTD Edition, personalized, autographed and numbered Decades 3-LP vinyl box set (est. delivery date Feb 14 2024) 
  • #0001 of the numbered Decades Limited Edition 3-LP box sets is reserved exclusively for the Executive Producer participant
  • An autographed set of test pressings of each of the 3 LPs
  • Includes all content, services and privileges of the ArtistShare® Bronze Participant Offer

About This Offer

Welcome to the ArtistShare Executive Producer Participant auction offer.


As the ArtistShare Executive Producer Participant, you will receive a carefully re-mastered, limited edition, numbered Decades 3-LP vinyl box set, personally curated by me from all of our studio albums.


You will be prominently and beautifully credited inside of the box set in a manner befitting your generosity. I will be going many extra miles on the packaging to give you something that is unique and lovely, something that you hopefully will treasure for years to come.    


You will receive the coveted #0001 pressing of the numbered limited edition box set, and will additionally receive autographed and personalized test pressings of each of the LPs included in the box set.


The ArtistShare project experience will include interviews with many of the key people involved over the years as well as the story behind the music and why specific pieces were chosen.


As the ArtistShare Executive Producer Participant you will be playing an integral role in bringing this dream project to life.