data lords

data lords - 2cd set (mail order) - estimated ship date : 4/2/2020

Data Lords - 2CD set (mail order) - Estimated ship date : 4/2/2020

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Estimated ship date : 4/2/2020
Ships to: Anywhere In the world

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what you get

  • Limited Edtition Data Lords CD via mail (estimated delivery Apr 2 2020 12:00AM) with accompanying hi-res download
  • The ArtistShare Experience documenting the creation of this recording from conception to fruition

The Data Lords CD Participant Offer gives me the opportunity to share the creation of my new music with you through ArtistShare®.

Data Lords CD participants will get a unique look into my entire creative process from start to finish, all to be delivered to you as events actually unfold. Every project brings new experiences, new inspiration, and new lessons.

I look forward to taking you on this fresh adventure through exclusive videos, audio shows, downloads, photos and news, keeping you up to date every step of the way.

At the end of the project you, will receive your beautifully designed Data Lords CD via mail. I will be going many extra miles on the packaging to give you something that is truly unique and lovely.

I hope you will join the fun on this project that is only made possible by you, the participants!