Maria Schneider Orchestra Featuring You - Data Lords

Data Lords

Maria Schneider Orchestra Featuring You - Data Lords


What you get

  • Downloadable charts of solo sections chosen by Maria (in C, Bb, Eb, F)
  • The Data Lords recording via download in WAV or FLAC format (estimated delivery Jul 24 2020)  
  • Downloadable project cover art
  • WAV files of the solo sections recorded without solos
  • Streamed interviews w/soloists on the recording
  • The ArtistShare Experience documenting the creation of this recording from conception to fruition.

About This Offer

As a “Maria Schneider Orchestra Featuring You – Data Lords, Participant,” you will have the chance to practice soloing on most of the solo sections on the Data Lords album, while benefitting from the expert guidance of those musicians who will have recorded the music (made available through streamed interviews). This offer gives you the chance to do what no one gets to do in my band – play on almost every solo.

NOTE: We anticipate that one or maybe two pieces cannot be recorded with “isolated” solos due to the nature of the piece, so those files will be excluded from this offer by necessity.  We will know the exact number of tracks by September 3rd, 2019. This offer will include at least eleven solo sections and plenty of variety to keep you busy practicing for a long time. I will be happy to share the PDFs of any sections where I couldn’t isolate and therefore remove the recorded solo for you.

You will also receive all the benefits of the Data Lords Download Participant offer, which gives you a unique look into my entire creative process from start to finish, all to be delivered to you as events actually unfold. Each of my projects bring new experiences, new inspiration, and teach me new lessons. I look forward to sharing all of that with you.

I hope you will join the fun of putting your personality on this music!