Evanescence Download


Evanescence Download


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What you get

  • Evanescence recording via 16bit 44.1khz WAV 
  • Slideshow of 1992 recording session photos
  • 2017 video of Maria discussing each Evanescence track at length
  • New recording (2014) of "Dance You Monster to My Soft Song" with alto solo (Dave Pietro) and dueling trumpets (Greg Gisbert and Mike Rodriguez)

About This Offer

Evanescence was our first recording, and it was nominated for two GRAMMY-Awards, for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording, and Best Instrumental Composition (for the "Evanescence" the title track).

Self-produced, it was recorded at Skyline Studio in New York in 1992. Enja Records released it internationally in 1994. It was reissued in 2005 by ArtistShare. Along with the Evanescence recording, ArtistShare participants will be able to see a very in depth video of Maria looking back on what she now remembers about the creation of the music on Evanescence. We also include a little movie of wonderful photos taken at that session by photographer, Tom Bloom. You can be sure that we all look a lot younger.

In 2010, DOWNBEAT chose to honor Evanescence by putting it on its list of the 25 best big band albums of all time. Decades later, we still perform most of this music. We have included a version of "Dance You Monster to My Soft Song" that was recorded in 2014. It features Dave Pietro on alto, and Greg Gisbert and Mike Rodriguez on trumpet.