Maria Schneider Orchestra Featuring You

The Thompson Fields

Maria Schneider Orchestra Featuring You


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What you get

  • Download of The Thompson Fields record (320 kbps MP3 delivery date May 22 2015)
  • Download of the entire record mixed without solos, so you can play along
  • Downloadable PDF solo parts (with solo chord changes in C, Bb, Eb and F)
  • Bonus extra-download tracks (titles to be announced)
  • Streamed interviews with the soloists about their approach to playing the music
  • The complete ArtistShare® Experience – exclusive behind-the-scenes access
  • Downloadable project cover art

About This Offer As a Maria Schneider Orchestra Featuring You Participant, you will have the chance to solo on every piece on the album, with the guidance of those musicians who will have recorded the music. Their guidance will be available through streamed interviews. It gives you the chance to do what no one gets to do in my band – play every solo on the record.

You’ll receive the downloadable record as well, with the complete ArtistShare experience that Download Participants get, and that means, you will get to follow the whole journey of making this recording. Oh, and one last perk. We’re doing a couple of extra downloads as well, and we will offer those tracks without solos as well along with PDF’s of the printed music and chord changes. There will be plenty to keep you busy practicing for a long time.