Composer/Study Score Participant Offer

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Composer/Study Score Participant Offer


What you get

  • 14 in-depth videos where Maria will walk you through her creative process for each individual song, including discussion about orchestration, addressing text, and her compositional process
  • Study Scores for all 14 songs in PDF format via instant download over the course of the project
  • Ask questions about the pieces and Maria will answer questions

About This Offer

This offer is geared towards professional and aspiring composers, players, conductors, etc. however, I am sure it will be an interesting experience for any music fan as well.

As a Composer/Study Score Participant, you receive exclusive access to study  scores for all 14 pieces, sound clips from rehearsals, my own personal comments about the pieces, recording, mixing and editing phases of the record.   You will also receive 14 in-depth streamed videos where I will walk you through my creative process for each individual song.  I will discuss my considerations in writing each piece, including orchestration, addressing text, and my general compositional process.

You can also email me with questions about my creative process and these pieces; I will answer questions for a series of video segments that will be made available to all Composer/Study Score Participants.

Each participant will receive an autographed score page from Maria from one of the pieces in the Chamber Works.

The creation of a new piece is an unpredictable journey.  The process for discovering each piece is always different and unique in its own way. Through this project, I would like to share this exhilarating journey with you, inviting you to step inside my musical world as this new recording unfolds.  You will witness the making of this recording as it evolves from the rehearsals into to the final master.

I look forward to sharing this unique journey with all of you!