Winter Morning Walks LTD Edition CD

Winter Morning Walks

Winter Morning Walks LTD Edition CD


What you get

  • The Winter Morning Walks CD via mail
  • The complete ArtistShare Project Experience

About This Offer

Winter Morning Walks was released in 2013 and was awarded 3 Grammys. The following description was written prior to its launch for people who pre-ordered. But all documentation described below continues to be made available to everyone who purchases Winter Morning Walks. All you need to do is login after your purchase. We had a lot of fun documenting the making of this recording and hope you, too, will enjoy going behind the scenes with us.

Welcome to the Winter Morning Walks LTD Edition CD Participant Offer where it is my pleasure to share the creation of the Winter Morning Walks CD with you through ArtistShare.  As a participant you will receive the CD, Winter Morning Walks in a very elegant package that comes with 2 extensive full color booklets with the poetry and photos as well as having a unique look into the entire creative process from start to finish.  Along the way I will be sharing video, audio shows, downloads, photos and news keeping you up to date on the status and progress of this work, made possible by you, the fan.

I'm looking forward to the birth of this new music that will ultimately be the collaboration of all the remarkable people I'll be surrounded by. As a participant, you’re making this all possible. Knowing that you're following along, anticipating what comes, makes me reach as far as I can to share something wonderful. I hope you'll take this journey with us by participating today.