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concert in the garden

Concert in the Garden

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what you get

  • Downloadable PDF Score & Parts for "Concert in the Garden"
  • Streamed audio interviews with Frank Kimbrough, piano soloist, Tim Ries, lead saxophone, Rich Perry, tenor and Ben Monder, guitar (soloist)
  • Downloadable MP3 of track mixed without solos for practice
  • Streamed video where Maria talks about how she rehearses this piece
  • Alternate guitar solo insert, to create an optional guitar solo opportunity
   This project was completed on 5/21/2008    read more

As the title piece from our album Concert in the Garden, this piece features guitar, piano and accordion. The vocalese part is optional. The guitar solo on this particularly tricky as it's entirely open. Ben Monder has developed extraordinary ways of playing on this over the years, but it's very unique to his personal way of playing, so I've created an alternate solo insert that you may prefer for your guitar player. It's got a few more "changes" and offers a little more of a harmonic map, and is therefore a little less open and a little less of an intimidating 'blank slate.'

The interviews I've included should help players and directors understand how to approach the music by tapping the experience of the magnificent musicians who have shaped it to be their own over the years.


  1. soprano, flute
  2. flute (throughout)
  3. tenor, flute (just a few bars – can optionally play on tenor transposed)
  4. soprano, flute, tenor
  5. clarinet (throughout)

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