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a potter's song

A Potter's Song

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what you get

  • Downloadable PDF Score & Parts for "A Potter's Song"
  • Streamed video of Maria discussing rehearsal of this work
  • Streamed video with members of Maria's orchestra
  • MP3 of version mixed with no solo
  • MP3 of version mixed with no solo and no piano
  • MP3 of version mixed with rhythm section only
  • MP3 of version mixed with rhythm section only and no accordion
  • Extra flügelhorn solo part to make piece playable without accordion

   This project was completed on 5/21/2008    read more

Recorded on The Thompson Fields, "A Potter's Song" was written as a dedication to our beloved friend, Laurie Frink, who played trumpet on our recordings since our first recording in 1992. Besides being a world-renowned trumpet player and teacher, Laurie was also a skilled potter – thus the title. This work was written to feature Gary Versace on accordion, but it can also feature flügel which is also a lovely option. "A Potter's Song" has a Brazilian influence. With a running time between 5 and 6 minutes, it is not terribly difficult to play, other than it requires a soloist who can play lyrically, and who is agile with changes.

This offer comes with MP3 mixes of various kinds for solo and rhythm section practice.


  1. alto flute, alto sax
  2. flute, alto flute, alto sax
  3. tenor
  4. clarinet, tenor (minimal clarinet parts can easily be played 8va on tenor)
  5. clarinet, bass clarinet (minimal clarinet is low and can be played 8va on bass clarinet)

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