Scenes from Childhood - Complete Study Scores (3 Movements)

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Scenes from Childhood - Complete Study Scores (3 Movements)


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What you get

  • 3 Downloadable PDF study scores (transposed) for "Scenes from Childhood" ("Bombshelter Beast, Coming About, and Night Watchmen")
  • Streamed video of Maria discussing the writing of all three movements
  • Streamed video of musicians discussing their performance of this piece: Ben Monder, Frank Kimbrough, Ingrid Jensen, Rick Margitza
  • Video of Scott Robinson's "laboratory" (Scott is featured on "Bombshelter Beast" on bari and theremin)
  • Tour of "Windom" video – Maria's hometown that inspired this composition

About This Offer

Recorded on Coming About, "Scenes from Childhood" is a three-movement suite that was commissioned by the Monterey Jazz Festival. The first movement is rather bombastic piece depicting fear of tornados, nuclear war, and monsters as well, all stemming from a bombshelter built with its door next to my bed when I was a child. "Night Watchmen" is a dark night-scape evoking images and shadows of night watchmen passing by the neighboring flax plant. "Coming About" moves to many different places harmonically all depicting the movement and thrill of sailing.

This offer comes with not only the downloadable scores, but you will also be able to access interviews with several musicians who performed this music. Additionally, I have created three videos where I talk about the writing of this whole suite. I've also added a couple of fun videos where you can see inside of Scott Robinson's "laboratory," and can also drive with my band and me on a bus through my hometown (Windom, Minnesota) while I point out a few sights. We were headed to Windom on that occasion to perform this music for the Windom audience – the place and people that have inspired so much of my music.

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