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data lords (the complete scores - 11 titles)

Data Lords (The Complete Scores - 11 Titles)

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what you get

  • Study scores (transposed) via PDF download for all 11 tracks on Data Lords 
  • All audio tracks from the Data Lords CDs (download)
  • Streamed video of Maria discussing the writing of each of the 11 titles
  • Streamed videos musicians talking about the playing of these works
   This project was completed on 10/1/2003    read more

This offer gives you access to study scores for all 11 compositions on the 2 CD set, Data Lords. The titles included are: “A World Lost,” “Don’t Be Evil,” “CQ CQ, Is Anybody There?,” “Sputnik,” “Data Lords,” “Sanzenin,” “Stone Song,” “Look Up,” “Braided Together,” “Bluebird,” and “The Sun Waited for Me.”

Also included are videos where I sit at the piano and talk about the writing of each composition, trying to give insight into the inspiration and process to help you delve more easily into the score. I am also including a few videos with musicians form the recording that I feel might give you some additional insight.

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