Our Natural World (The Complete Scores - 6 Titles)

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Our Natural World (The Complete Scores - 6 Titles)


What you get

  • Downloadable PDF study score (transposed) for the 6 tracks recorded on CD 2 of Data Lords, Our Natural World: “Sanzenin,” “Stone Song,” “Look Up,” “Braided Together,” “Bluebird,” and “The Sun Waited for Me”
  • Downloadable MP3s for all 6 tracks on Our Natural World
  • Streamed video of Maria discussing the writing of each of the 6 titles
  • Streamed videos musicians talking about the playing of these works

About This Offer

This offer gives you access to study scores for the 5 compositions on the 1st CD from Data Lords, called, The Digital World. The titles included are: “A World Lost,” “Don’t Be Evil,” “CQ CQ, Is Anybody There?” “Sputnik” and “Data Lords”

Also included are videos where I sit at the piano and talk about the writing of each composition, trying to give insight into the inspiration and process to help you delve more easily into the score. I am also including a few videos with musicians form the recording that I feel might give you some additional insight.

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