Sky Blue (The Complete Scores – 5 Titles)

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Sky Blue (The Complete Scores – 5 Titles)


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What you get

  • 5 downloadable PDF study scores (transposed) for "The 'Pretty' Road," "Aires de Lando," "Rich's Piece," "Cerulean Skies" and "Sky Blue"
  • Downloadable PDF early sketches of some of the compositions
  • Streamed videos of Maria discussing the writing of all 5 compositions on Sky Blue
  • Lincoln Center Listening Party Video (Sky Blue)
  • Interviews with musicians that played on Sky Blue
  • Downloadable alternate mixes of some of the pieces (without drums) to better hear horns
  • Downloadable mix of the percussion (cajon) and bass on "Aires de Lando"

About This Offer

This offer gives you access to study scores for all five compositions on Sky Blue. The titles included are: "The 'Pretty' Road," "Aires de Lando," "Rich's Piece," "Cerulean Skies," and "Sky Blue. "

But then there's much more. Along with the scores, you will get all the content offered with each individual study score. That includes: early sketches of "Cerulean Skies" and "The Pretty Road," 5 streamed videos where I talk about writing each of these pieces, interviews with several of the musicians that recorded the album, and I've even made alternative mixes that will help you to really zone in on the horns and percussion. For fun, I've included a "listening party" video that was made at Lincoln Center shortly after Sky Blue was released.

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