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past project highlights

  • Experience from start to finish the creation of series of new songs by Kate
  • Submit your own love story for a chance to have Kate create a song about it
  • Receive credit listing on the official "No Love Lost" project pages
  • Get your own copy of "No Love Lost"
   This project was completed on 8/31/2008    read more
The original project description read as follows

Join Kate as she creates a series of new songs and releases her newest CD “No Love Lost.”  Fans of Kate can, as participants, submit to Kate a personal, real-life love story of their own.  These stories can be about any kind of love: love at first sight, love of a city or particular street, unrequited love, old love, new love, false or true love.

Kate will write four or more songs based on the submitted stories she chooses.  Those songs and others will be released as a LTD Edition ArtistShare® CD at the end of the project (August 2008).  This CD will be titled “The Telephone Game” because Kate is interested in how stories intentionally and unintentionally change by being passed on from one person to the next.  Project updates will be available via streaming or downloadable media as the songwriting process evolves.

All participants, whether choosing to submit a story or not, can be part of the “Spread the Love” team.  There will be a special link on the site where participants can go to send songs with personal messages to friends, loves and acquaintances.