hall, baron, colley, lage

participant offers

Hall, Baron, Colley, Lage CD (estimated ship date 9/30/19)

Hall, Baron, Colley, Lage Download (WAV/FLAC)

past project highlights

  • Participants can receive credit listing on the ArtistShare® Project
  • Custom hand cut 7" vinyl recordings of unreleased tracks
  • A private Skype lesson with Julian Lage or Scott Colley
  • Interviews with Julian Lage, Scott Colley, Joey Baron and more.
  • Access to additional tracks for participants only
   This project was completed on 11/26/2019    read more
The original project description read as follows

There is a magic to this music that is undeniable. 

From the very first note, everyone in the room could tell this was going to be something special, something legendary.  It was the first time guitarist Julian Lage took the stage with his idol Jim Hall and he was backed by veterans Scott Colley and Joey Baron.

We are very excited to share this wonderful event with you as we continue celebrating the legacy of Jim Hall at ArtistShare.  These rare live performance recordings showcase the genius of each individual player in the most natural of settings for a jazz musician, the stage.  The recordings are raw, energetic, and we are lucky to have captured them.  Through this project, we are looking forward to sharing them with you and the world.

Thank you for playing a part in continuing the legacy of the great Jim Hall.