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Stranger Than Fiction

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  • A private solo or small group performance 
  • Composition dedication on the recording
  • LTD Edition autographed CDs
  • Follow the creative process of the making of this new recording

Welcome to the Stranger Than Fiction project!

Stranger Than Fiction is a new body of works I will be recording with my Nonet featuring Derrick Gardner, John Ellis, Alan Ferber, Jocelyn Gould, Will Bonness, Julian Bradford, and Fabio Ragnelli with special guests Orrin Evans, Larry Roy, Reginald Lewis, Anna Blackmore and Tristan Martinuson.

I wrote the piece Stranger Than Fiction a few years back as a commentary on the truth and reality around us at the time.   It felt like the things I was seeing and experiencing at that time were something I could never have dreamed of or made up. Today, even more so, it seems like we are in a battle to know what is real. The reality I find while fighting this battle is most definitely Stranger Than Fiction.