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  • Credit listing on the recording and project videos
  • Online thank you party with fivebyfive on Zoom
  • Access to the ArtistShare® creative process
   This project was completed on 1/1/2022    read more
The original project description read as follows

Of and Between…where the groundbreaking modern chamber music ensemble fivebyfive operates, creating artistic experiences with a wide-ranging community. Be a part of bringing to life new music from composers who have found innovative ways of capturing movement, light, and connection through music and art.

Forged in the heat of molten glass, dancing through the strange choreography of virtual performances and distanced recordings,this project’s music is inspired by ideas expressed through glass, photography, dance, and architecture. The works on this album represent collaborations between seven phenomenal composers that draw inspiration from the stained glass artistry of Judith Schaecter and James Welling’s brilliant photographic works.

fivebyfive realizes these artistic visions in their debut album, "Of and Between." Get an inside view on this process through the ArtistShare Project experience , with a virtual front row seat to the creation to experience the work in progress. As an ArtistShare participant at any level, you will have exclusive access to personalized tokens of the musical experience. behind the scenes videos with the composers and musicians and other insights to the creative process. Patrons and Producers will also be recognized on the album, receive copies of this new recording to share with friends, and you will be invited to celebrate in an online release party with the musicians (at a time arranged between the ArtistShare supporter and the artists).

fivebyfive (flute, clarinet, electric guitar, bass, and piano) is an award winning artist-led ensemble based in Rochester NY with a mission to engage audiences in the collaborative spirit and creativity of modern chamber music.