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Early Blue Evening CD (estimated ship date 3/27/2020)

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project highlights

  • Receive prominent credit listing on new recording
  • A private concert for you and your friends
  • Composition dedication on the recording
  • Composition and arranging lessons directly from Andy
  • Access to the ArtistShare® experience as the creative process unfolds

Welcome to the Early Blue Evening project on ArtistShare®.

Early Blue Evening is collection of original compositions and a couple of my favorite standards written and arranged for a band consisting of the top musicians in New York.

The band,  made up of some of my oldest and closest friends, was initially formed to be the on stage band for the broadway musical After Midnight.  After nearly 300 performances we had developed some kind of musical radar with each other, the kind of intimacy that musicians develop when they play together frequently.  In the time since the show closed we have made a few appearances but this is our first recording together and we want to invite you to be a part of it.

Please join us on this wonderful musical adventure!