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  • Receive exclusive credit listing on the Colorful CD
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  • Complete access to the ArtistShare Experience
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The original project description read as follows

Colorful is a state of mind. Colorful is the life you live. Colorful is inspiring others to fearlessly pursue their passions.  Colorful is my mission and I hope you can join me on my lifetime journey.

I was born in a small town in Japan. One day when I was in kindergarten the teacher asked everyone "Tell us! What will you do when you grow up?!" Many kids were screaming the names of superheroes or princesses when I stood up and said "I want to be a musical composer”. The teacher then gave me a look that immediately buried this notion and I began adjusting my dream to fit into the mold and I would soon forget how much I loved music.

Years later I remember watching the Grammy® Awards on television with my family. Quincy Jones appeared on the screen accepting an award for his album ‘Back on the Block’. I heard this recorded by such Jazz legends and the feeling just knocked me out. “What is this?” I said, “I want to be a part of this music!!” But then I immediately realized that I am just a Japanese girl. I felt it would never be possible for me to reach that legendary stage. I hid away and I cried. However, destiny had other plans for me. I wish I could go back and tell that little one that her dream would someday come true.

Later in life that “common sense” approach to life led me to become the editor in chief of a successful magazine in Japan. Yet, with all of that “sensible” success, I was still unhappy and the long buried passion of creating music needed to come out. 

I remember when I actually sat down and contemplated what I was put on this earth for and the best way for me to serve this world and the people in it.  The conclusion was not to "keep working for this company".  It was at that moment that my love and passion for music resurfaced after laying dormant for so many years. I recall that moment with clarity as it was a very powerful feeling.  It had taken me all of that time to remember how much I love expressing myself through music.

I then did the unthinkable.  I walked away from a successful career in order to fulfill this higher purpose of unifying people through the gift of music.

The Colorful project is the culmination of my life long ambition to pursue this music, bring hope through education to those who long to fulfill their passions and to show that life not only can be Colorful but it MUST be Colorful. When we embrace and celebrate each others diversity and differences our own palettes expand into a myriad of colors and life becomes very beautiful.

It is said that “we will have peace of mind in exact proportion to the peace of mind we bring into the lives of others”. Through this project I am going back to the little Japanese girl who cried at the seemingly impossible challenge of fulfilling her dreams.

To be Colorful is my mission, my passion and my life.  Please join me.