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Welcome to Concerto for Guitar and Jazz Orchestra project where it is our pleasure to share this new music with you through ArtistShare®.  As a participant you will have direct access to the music as well as a unique look into the personalities, creative process and history of the Frost Concert Jazz Band led by John Daversa and featuring Adam Rogers.


I am fascinated with the idea that jazz music can borrow from the historical forms of concert music. It does surprise me, though, that there are few, if any, true concerto works for jazz orchestra. But I know the quality of jazz performers in the world today, and the best of them can play with a kind of virtuosity that is largely untapped by “concert” music and jazz composers. Like great classical musicians, they are adept technicians with an ability to read and interpret music in so many diverse styles. With my new interest in composing for the guitar, and a continued interest in melding classical forms with jazz, the time seemed ripe to explore a fully realized concerto for a great jazz performer.

~Justin Morell, Composer