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  •  Exclusive access to the ArtistShare® Project Experience- including access to the creative process behind the making of the recording
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The original project description read as follows

A lot of great things have happened in my life that I am truly grateful for. I've recorded three albums on the MAXJAZZ label, played with some amazing musicians, and have toured extensively, making new friends and fans across the country. Now the time has come for me to expand my horizons and take my career along a new and exciting path.

The MAXJAZZ catalogue was sold to MACKAVENUE records after the owner of MAXJAZZ passed away. Although the new label will continue to promote and sell my previous albums, I’m now looking forward to producing my own CDs independently. Each of my albums have expressed a different time in my life and musical journey. But now as an independent artist working with ArtistShare, I have the opportunity to have direct access to my fans, and be fully involved in the process of making an album from start to finish.

With the help of producer Judy Wexler, we've chosen 11 great songs for a new project called "Say It". The tunes are a mix of lesser-known jazz standards and jazz interpretations of pop songs by a diverse group of composers that include: Michel Legrand, Alan Broadbent, Mose Allison, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Billy Strayhorn, Jimmy McHugh and Frank Loesser, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Michael Franks, as well as an original that I co-wrote with Melissa Manchester.

The songs we've chosen are beautifully constructed both melodically and lyrically, and I’ve given some familiar songs a fresh, new sound with updated, modern jazz arrangements. I love singing these songs, and am excited to share them with you.

Being a jazz musician based in Los Angeles gives me the opportunity to play with some of the best musicians on the planet. I am once again honored to have Chuck Berghofer and Joe LaBarbera join me on this recording. They have been my musical bedrock for the past three albums, and I love the way they inspire me to play and sing. I’m also thrilled to once again have guitarist Larry Koonse and saxophonist Bob Sheppard, both amazing musicians, record with me.

About a year ago, pianist Alan Broadbent sent me a song called "The Last Goodbye" that he co-wrote with lyricist Georgia Mancio. I was blown away by how beautiful it was, and wanted to include it on this record. I’ve often dreamed of singing with a lush string section, and I am beyond thrilled to have Alan write three string quartet arrangements on this recording.

I often play piano for Melissa Manchester’s live performances, and I also love singing with her on stage during her shows. I thought it would be amazing to have her sing a duet with me on the song we wrote together. She graciously accepted, and I can't wait to make musical magic with her in the studio!

 If you become a part of my new Artist Share project, you'll have exclusive access to the creative process as I prepare and record this music. As the album progresses, I will take you behind the scenes, and share with you what I love about these songs and great team of collaborators.