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Brian Landrus Orchestra: Generations CD (Ship Date June 28, 2017)

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past project highlights

  • Receive prominent ArtistShare®  credit listing on the new recording
  • Invitation to the recording studio/mastering session
  • Attend performances as Brian Landrus' guest
  • Experience Brian's composition process every step of the way
  • Exclusive interviews with those involved in the project
   This project was completed on 9/8/2017    read more
The original project description read as follows

It is my dream to produce compositions that connect with and echo in the souls of others. My mission is to reach all types of fans by transcending any one preconceived style by blending the freedom of contemporary music with textures of classical instruments. Welcome to the Brian Landrus Orchestra: Generations project on ArtistShare.

This upcoming recording is a culmination of my musical journey since I was 12. I have heard this music in my head since I was a child, but now I finally have the tools to bring it to life. The orchestra of 26 musicians contains some of the most creative and influential artists in the world, including violinist Mark Feldman, bassists Lonnie Plaxico and Jay Anderson, vibraphonist Joe Locke, and drummers Billy Hart and Justin Brown. I am honored to collaborate with these incredible musicians, and I look forward to hearing the band members bring their own wisdom and passion into the project.

I am thrilled to involve you, the participant, in my creative process. As the project progresses, I will be keeping you involved through videos, audio clips, photos, downloads and more. You will have an exclusive look at how this music develops from paper to performance.  

Orchestra players:

Jamie Baum-flute,alto flute
Tom Christensen-oboe
Darryl Harper-clarinet
Landrus-bari sax, bass clarinet, alto flute
Michael Rabinowitz-bassoon
Alden Banta-contrabassoon
Ralph Alessi-trumpet
Igmar Thomas-trumpet
Debbie Schmidt-horn
Alan Ferber-trombone
Marcus Rojas-tuba
Chris Turner-vocals
Brandee Younger-harp
Joe Locke-vibraphone
Billy Hart, Justin Brown-drums
Sara Caswell, Mark Feldman, Joyce Hammann, Meg Okura-violins
Lois Martin, Kallie Ciechomski-viola
Jody Redhage, Maria Jeffers-cello
Jay Anderson, Lonnie Plaxico-bass
JC Sanford-conductor
Brian Landrus-producer
Bob Aldridge-producer
Frank Carlberg-producer