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  • Fans receive prominent ArtistShare® credit listing on the new recording
  • Share your stories with Gonzalo about the people who inspired you to pursue your passion
  • Exclusive interviews with Gonzalo, his band members, and the people who inspired them to pursue their passion to create music.
   This project was completed on 7/15/2016    read more
The original project description read as follows

Who’s the one person that showed you the thing you are most passionate about today? We all have experiences from around the world where someone in our lives touched us in a way that pushed us to pursue our dreams.

My ArtistShare® project, Pluralízate, features a group of musicians that I’ve brought together called, Plural. We come from all over the world, sharing influences from Venezuela, Barcelona, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. The group is always evolving and taking on new experiences from cultures all over the world.  The people in our lives, whether it be a family member, a friend, a teacher, or a mentor, shaped each of us. These influences affect how we express ourselves when we create.

Throughout the project, we invite you to share your experiences with us as well. Send us your stories about the people in your life who were important in your decision to do what you do.  When you participate, you’ll gain exclusive access to interviews as we share our most influential moments from all around the world that shaped who we are and how we connect through these experiences. In addition you will have exclusive access to my creative process as I develop new ideas for the band, footage of the band rehearsing, and photos of me and the people that are bringing this project together.

Become a part of Pluralízate and join us on our journey exploring diverse cultures and the people that have made such a profound impact on all of us.