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past project highlights

  • Get credit listing on the Requinte Trio recording for helping make this recording possible
  • Invitation to a recording/mixing/mastering session
  • Dinner with the members of the Requinte Trio
  • A food/walking tour of the West Village, NYC with Janis Siegel
  • Pandeiro lessons with critically acclaimed Brazilian percussionist, Nanny Assis
  • Receive a LTD Edition Requinte Trio Project CD
   This project was completed on 11/27/2015    read more
The original project description read as follows

Project Update: Honey & Air has been submitted for nomination in the 58th Grammy Awards!

Welcome to the Requinte Trio Project, where we will be sharing the fusion of American Jazz and Brazilian music, forming a "creative combustion" of music. We are fusing the talents and musical colors of American and Brazilian artists through our common love of lyrical melodies and delicious grooves; creating sensual music with a broad range of influences - a musical "cocktail" of sorts. We're excited to delve more deeply into the beautiful rhythms of Brazil and would love to share our process with you.

Through this project, we will be challenging and pushing each other out of our comfort zones. As the project develops, we will be documenting the creative process, sharing our rehearsals and insights, and you will be right alongside us through the entire project.