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Rhizome CD

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Rhizome CD
  • The LTD Edition Rhizome CD via mail
  • The ArtistShare® Project experience including access to the creative process behind the CD
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Rhizome Download

Rhizome Download
  • The Rhizome recording via 320 kbps MP3 download
  • Downloadable Rhizome cover art
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Project Highlights

  • Receive prominent ArtistShare® credit listing on the new Rhizome CD
  • VIP access to performances
  • A private concert for you and your friends
  • Have your photo become part of the Rhizome Project Collage
  • Follow the creative process behind the creation of this exciting new recording with exclusive video/audio updates, online photo galleries, and more

About this project

I am very excited to share my debut Blue Note®/ArtistShare® Project with you: the Rhizome CD Project. I am a Cuban-born American musician, and I want to share what it's like to be part of these two cultures with you through the universal language of music. So, I am writing lyrics in Spanish and setting them to music in an attempt to shine some light on the very genuine, expressive, and elegant poetry and music of the Latin-American culture that I grew up with. Also, this project has a very special meaning for me which is captured by the title: Rhizome. A Rhizome is essentially a giant plant system where all of the individual plants we see above ground are actually intricately connected underground. This CD is about how the Rhizome is a metaphor for life. As people, we are individual and unique, yet we are all connected in a way that is not visible on the surface of things - we are all Espejos, or reflections of each other.

So, with all of this inspiration, I am recording a CD featuring my new compositions as well as my piano playing. This is a unique artistic endeavor; for this album, I am joined by a string quartet in addition to Linda Oh on bass, Henry Cole on drums, and the wonderful singer Camila Meza.

Along the way, I will share my creative process with you. You will have exclusive access to the process behind the creation of the Rhizome CD. We will take an artistic journey together as I share my artistic inspirations and my approach to composition and improvisation with you. You will get unique and personal insights into my creative process through exclusive project updates, sketches of the lyrics and compositions, anecdotes, previews of the music from the album, and much more. All of this will be documented and shared with you through ArtistShare® via online streaming videos and audio shows, written project news updates, online photo galleries, downloadable content, and more. The end result of this project will be the new Rhizome CD featuring my newest creative works.

I am looking forward to sharing this creative journey with you. Join me today and take part in this artistic adventure by selecting a Participation Offer which best suits you.