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  • Receive prominent ArtistShare® credit listing on the Planetary Coalition Project CD
  • Exclusive access to artist interviews with Planetary Coalition members and musical collaborators, such as Rodrigo y Gabriela, Horacio Hernandez, Max ZT, Rachel Golub, Jenny Hernandez, Adnan Joubran, members of House of Waters, NY Gypsy All Stars, Raza Trunka and more
  • A personal invitation to attend a Planetary Coalition recording session as our special guest
  • VIP access to Planetary Coalition multimedia performances
  • An exclusive look into Planetary Coalition's creative process as we travel, compose, rehearse, perform, and record the Planetary Coalition Project CD
  • Regular updates from Planetary Coalition as we record with musicians from a diverse background of ethnic styles while addressing important sociocultural and environmental issues
   This project was completed on 11/25/2014    read more
The original project description read as follows

Project Update: Alex Skolnick's Planetary Coalition has been submitted for nomination in the 58th Grammy Awards in Contemporary Instrumental Music!

I am very excited to share our new ArtistShare® project introducing my musical vision called Planetary Coalition! By participating in our new project, you will have the opportunity to share our musical and creative journey with us. This project will culminate with the recording of an album that is not only my first of mostly acoustic guitar, but also one that will capture exciting world music collaborations and create a nucleus of our vision: a series of unique multimedia concert/presentations to be presented in the future. You will get an exclusive view into our creative process as we embark on this multicultural musical adventure together.

Through the universal language of music, Planetary Coalition’s goal is to bridge the gap between different cultures, increase ecological awareness, and explore the threads that connect musical expression with regional identity. We intend to deepen the connection and understanding between people, art, landscapes, and communities through music. As a musical group, we are an ethnically flavored collective of diverse musicians with a core band in New York City and potential collaborators from all over the world. Planned "special guests" include Mexico's Rodrigo y Gabriela - one of the most illustrious instrumental acts in the world, Cuba's Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez - the celebrated Cuban drummer and percussionist now based in Miami and Adnan Joubran - one of three Palestinian brothers and oud players based in Paris known as Le Trio Joubran. Planetary Coalition is more than a band; it is a collective of people from many different walks of life and various regions of the globe.

As a participant in Planetary Coalition’s ArtistShare® Project, you are helping us fulfill our groundbreaking cross-cultural musical vision. We will be keeping you, the Participant, updated with exclusive access to artist interviews, rehearsal recordings, concert footage, and project updates as our creative journey unfolds. Through online photo galleries, streaming audio and video, and blog posts you’ll take an artistic journey with us, hear commentaries from the musicians, and learn about how the local environment has influenced the musical traditions native to those regions. You will get an insider’s perspective into our creative process as we jam with local musicians and blend our musical style with various types of music from other cultures. Once the music is recorded, we plan to put together live performances that focus on the music, the lands from which these sounds originated, and the environmental issues affecting its people. I know you will be just as deeply moved and inspired by these diverse styles of music and their hidden stories as I am.

Become a part of the Planetary Coalition ArtistShare® Project by choosing an ArtistShare® Participation Offer that best suits you. Journey with us as we experience this creative adventure, help preserve our planet, and nurture the growth of a global musical culture!