billy childs' autumn in moving pictures - jazz chamber music vol. 2

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Autumn: In moving pictures download (320 kbps MP3)

Autumn: In moving pictures CD

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  • Access to the complete ArtistShare project experience
  • Receive prominent ArtistShare® credit listing on the new recording
  • Get an inside look into Billy Child's creative process as it unfolds
  • Be one of the first to receive a copy of the new CD  (Mar 30 2010 12:00AM)
   This project was completed on 9/30/2010    read more
The original project description read as follows

Get an inside look into Grammy award winning composer Billy Child's creative process as it unfolds during the creation of his latest recording - ‘Jazz Chamber Music Vol. 2’.  Participants will have the unique opportunity to experience the artistic world of Billy Childs through the work and words of the musician himself as it happens. 

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