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   This project was completed on 6/18/2009    read more
The original project description read as follows

"BROTHER TO BROTHER is actually a brilliant brainstorm of Jeff, my brother. Believe me, it's really hard to admit that your brother can come up with an idea you like. His idea was to find songs composed by and/or performed by some of the many brother groups in jazz (and yes, we're looking at researching our fabulous sisters and extended family members in the future!). We take those songs, rearrange them so they have a Clayton Brothers spin to them and make them our own. We also did a lot of composing, writing songs that were influenced by these brother combinations.

We took our new book of tunes and performed them every night for a week at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola in NY. The day after the engagement ended, we recorded. It is, from our perspective, the most exciting recording we've ever made. We'd love to know if you agree!

Joining Jeff and myself in our group is Terell Stafford, the fieriest trumpetist around. I call him "Terrible!" Bringing a killer, youthful groove to our quintet is the young drummer, Obed Calvaire. He's got all of the right stuff, whether hip hop influenced or bebop. From that same mindset, and contributing the kind of piano playing that thrills us all, is my son, Gerald.

My brother Jeff agrees that this is some of the biggest fun we've had playing music in our careers!"

Some recorded highlights:

  • Gerald's special arrangement of Nat Adderley's JIVE SAMBA

  • Jeff's composition, WILD MAN, dedicated to Elvin Jones

  • WHERE IS LOVE allows John, Jeff & Gerald to show their poignant sides

  • BASS FACE, written for Ray Brown by guitarist, Kenny Burrell, showcases Gerald and John in a father and son exchange

  • WALKIN' BASS, is the newest, hottest version of a tune that features John, rapping the Keter Betts lyrics which tell a story of everyone's favorite instrument

  • Intense and exciting horn exchanges

  • Phenomenal, tasteful, exciting piano playing by Gerald throughout

  • Perfect drum support by Obed

  • A 2 horn section of Terell and Jeff, who make it sound as if it comes from one instrument

  • Inexplicable familial relationship between Jeff, John and Gerald