across the crystal sea

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Across the Crystal Sea (Autographed)

Panama Foundation Participant Offer

past project highlights

  • Learn about the creative process behind this music - How Danilo Perez, Tommy LiPuma and Claus Ogerman created this beautiful album
  • Access to exclusive video interviews with Danilo Perez and legendary, award-winning producer, Tommy LiPuma (Coming Soon!) about the creative process behind this CD.
  • Help the the Fundación Danilo Pérez spread knowledge
  • All proceeds from this project will go directly to the Fundación Danilo Pérez
  • One of 30 LTD Editon autographed Across the Crystal Sea CDs via mail
   This project was completed on 4/1/2010    read more
The original project description read as follows

Through this new project fans will have direct access to behind the scenes interview with Danilo and Tommy LiPuma. Learn how they created the music and produced this album. In addition to learning all about the creative process fans will have a chance to support music and jazz in Panama. All proceeds from this project will go directly to the Fundación Danilo Pérez.

The Danilo Perez Foundation was established in 2005, but the work and spirit it embodies originated much earlier. Nearly twenty five years ago in Panama, Danilo Perez began offering musical training to talented young musicians as part of a national youth arts festival. Danilo Perez’s contributions to music education and to the cultural vitality of his native Panama and beyond span many years and all of the Americas, leading in 2003 to the creation of the Panama Jazz Festival, one of the most important music education programs and performing arts events in Latin America today.

The purpose of the Foundation is deeply rooted in music education and, more broadly, human development---the creation of an environment that gives people an opportunity to reach their full potential and lead productive, meaningful lives. The Foundation’s successful initiatives and programs and active support of related organizations have contributed to Panama’s social and economic development as well as to its cultural vitality. The values and attitudes the Foundation promotes are vital to music education and performance, such as study and hard work, self understanding and self expression, imagination and discipline, unity in attaining goals, respect for others’ ideas and cultures, volunteerism, achieving excellence, and more.

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