Participant Offers

Project Highlights

  • Credit listing on the published score and parts
  • An invitation to attend the premiere performance of the new piece at the Newport Jazz Festival® 08/06/2017 
  • Personal calls with Maria as she updates you on the progress of the piece 
  • An exclusive look into the compositional journey as it unfolds
  • A glimpse into rehearsals, either through video or by actually attending if you are available.

About this project

One of my favorite features of The Thompson Fields, is that four of the eight pieces were commissioned directly through ArtistShare. I’m now wanting to do this again with my eye on a Newport Jazz Festival premiere (August 6th, 2017).  I don’t yet know the direction of the piece, the length, or who it features –– it’s all up in the air until those answers start coming when I sit myself down and search for initial musical ideas.

If you have participated in ArtistShare projects in the past, you know a key component, which I greatly enjoy, is sharing the creative process with you.  With the 2017 Spring Commission, I will share my newest ideas, perspectives, and progress, via video for all who participate.  Creation is sometimes a bumpy process, but it’s a process that brings about growth and is a necessary for any new work. I find it’s never easy.  But when I now look back at my older projects and remember the many unanswered questions I once had before the birthing of each of my new works, it’s good to remind myself that it always starts with that daunting blank page or that terrifying first rehearsal, but ends up being something I am proud to present to you.

Composing new music always requires a giant leap of faith that I hope you might make with me. One thing I will promise: If I myself am not satisfied with what I’ve done at the end to make this work a part of ongoing repertoire that we perform regularly at concerts, then I will start again and do a second piece.

So, if it is your wish to become the sole commissioner of a piece, you can do that by purchasing all four Commission Participant offers.  Or, you can split the commission with a friend (purchase two offers each) or just purchase one of the four commission openings and experience this adventure with other like-minded co-participants.  

We are also offering a second offer, the Enhanced Listener Participant, where you can watch the process unfold, and in the end, be credited on the final page of the score and musician manuscripts, from which the musicians perform.