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New Year, New Music


What you get for participating:
  • Access to the complete ArtistShare project experience
  • Get an inside look into the Gotham Wind Symphony's creative process for the upcoming album
  • Receive a copy of the new album via mail (Jul 15 2009 12:00AM)
  • Get to watch exclusive interviews, rehearsals, live performances and more!

American Gotham:  The Gotham Wind Symphony Project Experience


What you get for participating:
  • Exclusive access to the Gotham Wind Symphony and its creative process
  • Concert program credit at all applicable GWS performances
  • The newest GWS CD via mail
  • VIP tickest to GWS performances and events
  • Behind the scenes footage of the GWS as they work toward a studio recording
  • Exclusive streaming audio shows of the first GWS concert live from Time Square in New York City
  • Sounds from the first GWS rehearsal
  • An exclusive on line question and answer session