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  • Receive exclusive credit listing in the BLAST film (Delivery Date Nov 30 2008 12:00AM)
  • Get behind the scenes with Paul and the crew as the film is being created
  • Receive a LTD edition BLAST DVD
  • Edit your own scene with a chance have it included in the final cut of the film!
   This project was completed on 12/15/2008    read more
The original project description read as follows

Five time Emmy-Award winner and Independent Spirit Award nominee Paul Devlin follows up his acclaimed films SLAMNATION & POWER TRIP with a project that exposes a world of risky, hardcore scientific adventure. He invites you to join him in the making of his new movie, BLAST.

BLAST follows an intrepid team of young cosmologists as they journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic to launch a unique telescope on a massive NASA high-altitude balloon. The multi-million dollar Balloon-bourne, Large Aperture, Sub-millimeter Telescope (BLAST) floats to the top of the atmosphere where it travels with the wind as it measures faint light from the most ancient galaxies to learn how the first generation of stars were formed. BLAST is a story that will change your attitude about science and reveal a side of science you’ve never seen before – one where scientists are explorers, engineers, and often adventurers whose laboratory is the entire universe.

As we enter the post-production phase of the BLAST film, a new chapter in the adventure is unfolding – one not of risky adventurous science, but of risky adventurous filmmaking. As an ArtistShare participant, you get to be along for the ride. You will get an exclusive behind the scenes look into the exotic travels, the trials, and triumphs that are all a part of creating an independent documentary. We invite you to watch, participate in, and help create this final chapter of the amazing story of BLAST.

Join the BLAST project now and participate in the making of this amazing film.

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